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Every Name You List and e-Mail
Builds Your Success!

With our techniques, building your e-mailing list is easy as 1-2-3!

Regular contact via e-mail is like mining for gold... every person you e-mail is a nugget waiting to become a customer.

Platinum- The Path to Profit
Customers who've bought from you before, will buy again, when you stay in touch. Up to 70% of your customers already have e-mail... now you can reward them, thank them and build their loyalty via e-mail. You can earn repeat and referral sales faster than ever before!


Gold- Customer Treasures waiting to be mined!
People you know who've yet to buy- friends, relatives, prospects... anyone you've met can become a customer when you have ongoing contact. Convert them to customers by showing them you're interested ... that you want to help. Send them your own customized newsletter via e-mail!


Silver- Every cloud is lined in Silver!
People you've yet to meet are precious potential customers. Go mining for e-Mail addresses all around you -- on messages you receive, on business cards, and more. Open the door to new customers with your own newsletter, customized with your company name...tell them who you are, and what you sell. Soon they'll be gold and platinum buyers!

Every name you deposit in your
NameBank Vault Account is like depositing
cash in your money bank account!