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Here is what Customers say about MyHome News

"Your "My Home News" looks great! And just in time for Amy. She and Brad are going to build a home in Brownsburg and she is in a tizzy about curtains, paint, etc. She would appreciate your expertise."

"Thank you so much for adding me to your e-mail distribution list for "MyHome News". I just read both messages and the information is great!! You did a great job putting this together. I know MANY hours went into setting this up. I am really impressed. Also, I do want to talk to you after Mother's Day about window treatments for our new home... Thanks again, I do appreciate your thoughtfulness"

"Thanks for the newsletter. I have already printed it off and have sent it to my parents. It looks like there is a lot of neat information they can review."

"Amy, this is a nice idea (MyHome News).... Thanks for sharing it with us."


HomeOwners appreciate thoughtful E-Cards, too

"Tanya, thanks for including me on your Home News distribution - its very timely. Thanks also for the thoughtful e-card you sent a while ago. I was very touched that you thought of Zack and I."


"Thank you for the nice Mother's Day Greeting! Happy Mother's Day to you too!"

"Aren't you SWEET!! Happy Mother's Day to you too."

"Thanks for the Mother's Day card. It certainly brought a smile to my face. I appreciate the "My Home News" segments you've been sending. It's easy reading with good, practical advice. Take care and happy decorating."

"I've been meaning to let you know that I have enjoyed getting your e-mail decorating tips. Your July 4th card was really cute too! Thanks for being so generous and gracious."


Appointments by E-mail?
It's Happening, say Business Professionals!

"....I have been getting response from clients just e-mailing me for questions to be answered, or to keep in contact with me... I also have heard excitement from some of the people I send the newsletter to, anxious for the next one to come out."

"Response rate is much higher than conventional mail... no promotion, no discount, and no special offer of any kind. Lot of favorable comment, also appointments"

"...received 15% response in form of thank you's, good comments, and at least one lead for an appointment. All from a list of less than 50 names!"


Make SALES by E-mail?
It's Happening, say the Pros....

"I was about to close a sale for Hunter Douglas Silhouettes however (after sitting down with just the wife) the clients husband wanted more information on the product. I emailed him Hunter Douglas's web site and closed the sale! (My email included R ratings and an additional sales pitch)

I agree we are just beginning to see the impact of all of this and am so excited to be in this founders group!"

"She sent me an e-mail to let me know and to set an appointment date. I e-mailed her back ...I told her what I needed - colors, style, things she liked, etc., and within 24 hours we had set the appt. and I got the infoI needed...A few days later we had our appt. and within an hour had closed the sale and left with a check for 3 roman shades and valances!"


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